The guy tells the girl not to meddle in his dating when he knows she’s got verbal so you’re able to Sheng Nan

The guy tells the girl not to meddle in his dating when he knows she’s got verbal so you’re able to Sheng Nan

Lu Jin disagrees together with his mother in the Sheng Nan. Lu Jin and additionally says to the lady mom he doesn’t want so you can feel an emotionless working machine although love will be their fatigue in his providers industry.

Zi Qian simply leaves a note to have Grandfather Gu so you’re able to apologize to have being unable to care for Sheng Nan. The guy plus produces to Sheng Nan to let the girl know that they are going overseas to further their studies. Lu Jin check outs Daddy Gu it is designed to flow this new chairs about area forward and backward to check his determination. The guy and additionally physically helps away Sheng Nan at the the girl grandfather’s bistro and clean up and offering consumers.

Grandfather Gu hears out of Lu Jin’s an excellent conclusion regarding the drinks stands manager, Sister Wang. Then he produces Lu Jin hold a beneficial wok which have one-hand whenever Lu Jin falls by the to check out him.

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Lu Jin actually starts to be tired carrying new wok. Father Gu just wishes Lu Jin understand the hard performs he’d completed to bring Sheng Nan right up. The guy understands Lu Jin has a lot of obligations and challenges but he hopes Lu Jin knows how to harmony ranging from their requirements and you may love. Lu Jin promises Daddy Gu which he wouldn’t harm Sheng Nan.

Meng provides hotpot during the Zhao Di’s house. She actually starts to enjoy and takes a preference getting him. It get into sleep but Zhao Di is resistant to the very thought of losing in love with Meng. Concurrently, Meng sells their vehicles to order a proposition band to possess Zhao Di.

Lu Jin will bring Sheng Nan to a deserted building which is become torn-down to possess reconstructing. He’s got painted a wall surface having a culinary theme for just the lady in order to cheer the woman upwards. Then they has a fun loving time splashing it that have paint and you will discussing kisses. When shopping together with her, Sheng Nan sees a married relationship gown from the shop and you will impulsively tries it to the while Lu Jin is on the telephone. The guy cannot understand how to behave whenever she notices her.


Sheng Nan requires Gao Quan An’s view which is alarmed one to she is seen as forcing Lu Jin from the wedding. Lu Jin upcoming decides to declare Sheng Nan because their fiancee throughout the a purpose. Sheng Nan try surprised as it’s Gao Quan An enthusiastic who has actually added her here. Ms. Zheng isn’t happy and requires getting a personal term which have Lu Jin. Sheng Nan shocks for the Lu Zheng and you will she finds out you to he is Lu Jin’s half-brother for example Ming Ting is actually including Lu Jin’s dad.

Lu Zheng identifies Sheng Nan this new pressures Lu Jin got experienced as the a kid. Ms. Zheng try strict with Lu Jin along with usually wished your to execute. Lu Zheng does not want commit off one to street and you will favors a beneficial carefree lifetime.

Ming Ting asks Lu Jin to not ever target their people. But Lu Jin try reminded off how his father got given up him and his awesome mommy. Which, he is determined towards the getting their enterprises. Sheng Nan informs Lu Jin to provide the girl Lu Zheng’s contact due to the fact she will get together really that have Lu Zheng. Lu Jin is not pleased with the girl conclusion and you can romantic organization which have Lu Zheng. The guy wants their to consider his updates since this lady fiancee.

Sheng Nan tries to brighten him up acquainted with individuals stupid antics. But he discovers it annoying. In the long run, he offers their to bed and you may warns the girl off just what the My Transsexual DateВ  guy does if she contacts Lu Zheng once more.


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